Five Technologies That Will Change the World

Welcome to Techsesh Sagar. On this earth, humans are not the strongest species but they have survived and the main reason behind this survival was our mind that created technology by means of which we survived the most basic example is WHEEL or flint stones. In this article, we will discuss five technologies that are changing this world and which will help us to make our lives easier.

Five Technologies That Will Change the World:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. 3D Printer
  3. Self Driving Cars
  5. Google Assistant


AI is the future, you can admire it and you can also criticise it but you can’t ignore it.AI usually means that any lifeless thing that can perform a task that is usually performed by intelligent being.AI will only be successful when it will achieve the rare blend of LEARNING, PROBLEM-SOLVING, REASONING, PERCEPTION, and LANGUAGE. This word “AI” was first introduced by Mr.Jhon Searle but the application was present even in WW2. The world’s first AI built by Mr.ALAN TURING, you have probably heard this name in the movie IMITATION GAMES.ALAN made a computer that can crack the ENIGMA used by Germans. This was the first example of AI, it helped the allies to win WW2 and ALAN TURING is also known as “FATHER OF AI”.AI can help us in a lot of ways,and the fun fact is that you are using it but you don’t know that for example, MATCH-MAKING is an excellent example of AI, if you are using google then you are under the influence of AI as Google uses a software known as PAGE-RANK, that keeps track of your search and helps to bring most authorised thing for your search. These are small uses of AI but it affects us deeply, our future is somehow based on AI.


IF I say that from now on you don’t have to buy can now create it, will you be shocked?….if you will google this term you will find a definition from Wikipedia and now I am quoting it..”3dprinter is any of various processes in which material is joined or solidified under computer control to create a three dimensional object, with material being added together”. in short there will be a computer and you have to tell what are the dimensions (length, breadth, height) of the object and then the machine which is a type of printer will create it. This technology can be used in making artificial organs, so this tech can save a life, we can use it to make toys, utensils, parts of the car that is now not manufactured.

3d printer


When we were kids, we always used to imagine that someday flying cars will be made and then we can easily go anywhere, or cars can drive without a driver… flying cars are yet still to be made but SELF-DRIVING CARS are now in the market. Self-driving cars use a mixture of technology like sensors, cameras, radar and the most important thing in BRAIN i.e. AI. New laser technology will help it to see around the corner. This will prevent life that is gone due to accidents. TESLA is one of the foremost frontiers in this technology, model X is one of the best examples of this…now many automobile industries are doing this and we can say that in five to ten years they will be everywhere. In India, our automobile company TATA is also working on this technology.


IT is an abbreviation for “CLUSTERED REGULARLY INTERSPACED SHORT PALINDROMIC REPEATS”. This is a technology that can remove mutated or bad DNA. They contain DNA that is attacked have attacked the PROKARYOTE. it is very useful for genome editing. for example, we can edit the DNA of a mosquito so that they cannot transmit malaria. Another example is like a person who is suffering from lung cancer, we can use CRISPR to edit out the gene PD1, which will help in curing it. WALL STREET JOURNAL reported that 86% of people have edited their genes using CRISPR in CHINA. This is just a start…and all these uses are on small scale but this thing will grow more in the future and by this gene-editing technique it is possible that we can transform ourselves into superhumans… I know this sounds too ambitious but self-driving cars were too ambitious during your grandfather’s time.


This is the technology that everyone knows about, this is the software of Google that will help you with anything…google assistant will take care of your appointments, your daily routine, this software can also talk on your behalf as you have seen this in the conference when SUNDER PICHAI introduced it. This is the future…now you don’t have to take care of schedule, you can book your tickets, you can book tables in restaurants, you can take doctor’s appointments just by asking google assistant. It’s like having a personal secretary and this is the future.

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