Social media marketing trends 2018

Welcome to Techsesh Sagar. Social media is the best platform for digital marketing, which can give you instant result. You can generate so many leads from social media for your business. Social media work on one to many or one to many both concept. Only you have to broadcast your offer or content as a post, and your brand will we viral on the internet. But only getting good traffic on the post is not helpful for your business, that traffic should be targeted. You have to work on your targeted customer’s profile on the social media platform.

Here is some step by step process for your social media marketing:

  1. Strategy Planning & Development

  2. Market research

  3. Social media brand expansion

  4. Advertisement Managment

  5. Content & Promotion


Strategy Planning is the most important and the first step in social media marketing. In this, you have to give more focus on the research about the product for marketing, plan a step by step strategy for your marketing.


In the market research, you have to collect some information about the business for which you are going to start social media marketing. Suppose you are going to start Social media marketing for an e-commerce company, then, first of all, you have to find your competitors, who are doing social media marketing for their business. After analyzing the function of your competitors, find your targeted audiences on the social media platform.

For the best social media marketing, you have to manage a social media profile with a good number of your targeted audiences. And for that, you have to add more targeted audiences to your social media profile. There are so many tools for the filter process of your targeted audiences among across the globe. is the best tool for finding your targeted audiences and it will help you to add them to your profile.

Social media advertising allows marketers to reach their ideal customers using rich demographic targeting capabilities. A marketer can run their ads via LinkedIn advertising, Twitter advertising, Facebook advertising etc to reaching a potential customer, or serving ads to those who have previously been to your website through retargeting on social media advertising platforms provide a means to target advertising to small psychographic or massive consumer segments.

Content which you are creating for the promotion that must be clear and targeted. But one thing you have to keep in mind that only posting promotional content is not good for the reputation of your social media profile. First of all, plan a strategy for your social media profile and engage your audience properly.

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Author: Aniket Raj

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