How Twitter Marketing can improve your business

Twitter Marketing helps you to improve your business

Twitter Marketing

Welcome to Techsesh Sagar. In the digital world, everyone wants to go viral on the internet. Twitter is a social media platform for sharing your views. The users have to just open their account and broadcast the post. Twitter works on One to Many concepts, which means the post which you fire via your profile will show to all your followers or others. Talking about twitter marketing, then it is a platform for mass marketing. You can target a large number of audiences with your post. If you are working on twitter marketing, then you need to understand some concept behind the same. Twitter will help you to improve your website rank with a large number of views.<

The key point for twitter profile:

  • You should use a professional profile photo, short & informative bio
  • In the boi focus on your services and identity
  • Use some relevant keywords and hashtags in your profile
  • Mention your designation in your profile


  1. Be on time while content posting
  2. Try to engage your followers in their local time zone
  3. Use the hashtags in your post
  4. Always post relevant content
  5. Minimum 1 pictorial post per day
  6. Be active but don’t overdo it
  7. Always try to build your business relevant connection
  8. Do some original own created post daily
  9. Try to post your own & relevant to your services


  1. Don’t share too much Post, fix your limit per day for the post
  2. Don’t connect with everyone, a connection should be relevant to your job
  3. Don’t forget to build the network
  4. Don’t be spammy
  5. Don’t ignore audience comment or reply, It will help you to engage them
  6. Don’t delete the negative comment
  7. Don’t rely on automation, Try to show humanization access in your brand
  8. Don’t get too personal
  9. Don’t Use Poor Grammar or Spelling

Free Tools for Twitter Marketing:

  1. Audiense
  2. Buffer
  3. Twitter Auto Follower
  4. Unfollower spy
  5. I unfollow
  6. Unfollower stat
  7. App Unfollower
  8. Easy Unfollow
  9. Tweeksocial
  11. Hootsuite
  12. Sniply
  13. Ritely

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Visit this Link for Twitter Marketing complete tutorial including Audiense tool explanation:

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Use TweekSocial Tool for the Twitter automated direct message.

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